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Scenes from my favorite place

This month in our Scenes From blog circle we’re capturing scenes from our favorite place.  This one had me really thinking hard about what would be that one place I’d love to be, besides Target – which needs no explanation really, and I came to the conclusion that home is one of my favorite places.  Not because it’s some wonderfully relaxing place but because it’s the place where so many of my happy memories of my children are made.   These are some of those reasons.  I love the way my daughter relishes creating and the adorable way she writes my name at this point in her life.  The moments sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast and debating over who sat in the prized seat yesterday.  The dance parties we have in the kitchen and how I’ll often find them in the kitchen listening to my music and skipping to their favorite songs.  The daily request for a hug before brushing his teeth in the morning even on those days when we’re running late.  And to keep it real those finger prints and yes footprints that cover everything, even those places that we rarely remember to clean!

I can’t wait to see what everyone else’s favorite place is, so hop on over and check out Michele’s scenes from!








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